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I have read the QA section below and I know the risks
  • What will be my password?
    A random strong password will be automatically generated and will be given to you after account creation. Even though the application does not store any passwords, please change your password after getting your account.
  • What happens if get my account hacked?
    This service doesn't offer any account recovery process. It would be good for you to set your account's recovery trustee to somebody you trust, so they can start the recovery process for you.
  • What happens if I forget my password?
    You lose access to your account. This service doesn't log passwords and blockchains don't have "forget password" features so it's crucial that you copy your passwords and save them somewhere safe after the account creation.
  • Do I need additional Hive Power to interact with the blockchain?
    Account will be limited in resource credits. It's a good idea to buy some HIVE and power-up into your account for a smooth blockchain experience.